Moonkit Cloth Pad Set

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Spoil yourself or bless your daughter with this Moonkit.

Welcome your daughter into womanhood and journey with her.

Reaching for the moon Book
SoyLite Travellite Candle
Cocoafair Organic chocolate 38% Milk Bar 100g
Leakproof Pantie Size Small
Wetbag with 7 pads (2 liners, 2 small and 3 medium)
Moontime Massage Oil 50ml
7 Ziploc bags
Bar of Boerseep
Instruction Brochure

Make her first period memorable.


I am so grateful that I found out about Hannahpad well in time for my eldest daughter’s first period. I really wanted my daughters to greet this important milestone with happiness and excitement, rather than viewing it as a curse, a nuisance, or something to be ashamed of. So I prepared them from a very early age by explaining to them how wonderful women’s bodies are made. However, I wanted to do something more than that. I wanted to present them with something special and meaningful to celebrate that milestone when they reached it. 

At the same time I also wanted to give my daughters options of something healthier, more comfortable, and more environmentally friendly to use than the conventional disposable products. So I was very excited when I found out about Hannahpad. Not only is the very best of natural fabrics used, but also the products are incredibly pretty – from the pads themselves to the toiletry bags. I was about to order just a set of pads in different sizes from Hannahpad for my daughter, when I saw that a new set had become available: the Moonkit Cloth Pad Set. This was exactly what I had been looking for, and more! I was going to be able to present my daughter with some lovely cloth pads to try out, as part of a beautiful gift set designed specifically to make her first period a special occasion. So I immediately ordered a Moonkit, and stored it away while we waited for my eldest daughter’s first period to arrive. 

Well, the big day finally arrived three days ago. And my daughter was neither happy nor excited. She had had a rough day and a very busy week, and the start of her first period just seemed to be the final straw. So she burst out in tears, and only half an hour later she told me what had happened. I immediately presented her with the Moonkit I had been keeping for her for so long – and how wonderful to see those tears turn into smiles instantaneously. It gave me such joy to watch her unpack everything. I could see that she felt special – which is exactly what I had been wanting. Because we still had to wash the pads (as I had not taken them out of the tin before she opened it) she had to make do with disposable pads for the first two days. She kept saying that she could not wait to try out her Hannahpads – she did not like the sound or the smell of the disposable pads, and she could feel that the chemicals were irritating her skin. So I am deeply grateful that we have found not only this great product range, but also the very special Moonkit. I’ve already told my younger daughter that she, too, would be receiving a Moonkit when she started – and as a result, I think she is already looking forward to that day! My two daughters and I are now working through the book Reaching For The Moon, which was included in the Moonkit. We read and discuss one chapter every night at bedtime. I am grateful for a book that reinforces what I have been trying to do all along, namely to discuss the transition to womanhood from a perspective of wonder and excitement.

 An enormous thank you to Martinette for not only making the lovely Hannahpad range available to South African women, but also putting together the very special Moonkit Set with such care and forethought. Your customer service is also truly amazing. I could and would recommend Hannahpad absolutely wholeheartedly.                  Ane Pretoria SA

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