Cleaning Your Hannahpads South Africa

Please wash your pads before using them for the first time in your washing machine. Preferably use biodegradable washing powder. 

AVOID the following:
*Harsh bleaches like Jic etc.
* Vinegar
* Tumble Dryer
* Iron

There are two methods to clean your pads. Choose which one works the best for you.

  1. Dry Pail Method:
  • Rinse in cold water until the pad runs clean
  • Rub biodegradable soap on like Boerseep/ Laundry Bar
  • Store in a bucket with a lid
  • Wash in washing machine
  • Hang on line or on washing peg ring in bathroom

      2. Wet Pail Method:

    • Store your pads in a bucket with a lid. Add a scoop of Bio Bleach to the water and dissolve.
    • Replace the water everyday
    • Wash in your machine

    (You can rinse your pads before you put them in the bucket, some people don’t)

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